NHS Student Bursaries

NHS Student Bursary Estimate Calculator

    The NHS Student Bursary Estimate Calculator is for the purpose of obtaining an estimate of the amount of NHS bursary you may be entitled to.

    Please note that the figures produced by this calculator will depend entirely on the figures you put into it, so you must be careful about accuracy if you are to get meaningful results.

    The calculator assumes that you will be personally eligible for an award. Please use our Personal Eligibility calculator to determine if this is the case. (Please note however that your final eligibility for an NHS student bursary and your bursary entitlement can only be confirmed once you have submitted a bursary application and supporting evidence).

    The calculator assumes that you know if you will be classed as a dependent or independent student. Please use our Student Status calculator to determine this.

The NHS Student Bursary Estimate Calculator can not be used to calculate or determine:

  • Bursary awards for students who commenced courses prior to 1 September 2007;
  • Bursary awards for students undertaking an income assessed course that are not single parents and receive an income that is in excess of any allowable expenses.


    Students are advised NOT to make any financial commitments based on this bursary calculator. The NHS Business Services Authority cannot accept responsibility for any loss you may suffer as a result.

    Students and prospective students should not rely on current NHS Student Bursary scheme rules and allowances when planning for subsequent academic years, as these may be subject to review in the future and as a result may be liable to change.

    The Department of Health and NHS Student Bursaries cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of any type, however suffered, by students who have relied on current rules and allowances in altering their circumstances (including but not limited to financial circumstances), whether for the current academic year, academic year to begin or indeed for any subsequent academic years.

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