electronic Prescribing & Financial Information for Practices (ePFIP).

Using the Service



If a report has more than one page, this will be indicated in the navigation bar near the top of the screen. To move between pages, click First, Prev, Next or Last, to move to the respective pages. Alternatively, if you wish to jump directly to a page, type the page number into the textbox in the navigation bar.


This option provides a table of contents for the report. This is useful for PCT users of the reports as it will show a list of each practice within their PCT. The report can be navigated by clicking on a practice to go to the report pages for that practice.


The dropdown listbox with a percentage figure in it is the zoom setting for the page. 100% zoom is normal, while anything below makes the display smaller and anything above makes the display larger.


This option allows you to convert a report into PDF or Excel format for further analysis. A window will appear with the above choice for both PDF and Excel formats. Choosing All will apply to all pages in the report, choosing Current page will only apply to the page you were viewing, and choose Pages allows you to type in a page number, a series of page numbers or a range. Both options give you the option of either viewing or saving the resulting file.


This option displays all pages of the report as a PDF file and automatically shows Acrobat's Print dialog. Use this option instead of File->Print in your web browser as printing directly through a web browser can give unpredictable results.